JCH, CH Iridescent Designed For Solreven 

* 31.7.2007, sable


HD 0/0

MDR 1 +/-

59 cm

Junior Champion Czech Republic

Top Junior Dog 2008

Champion Montenegro

Unbelievable coincidence and lucky star constellation brought Casey to us. Casey was and stayed a happy busybody, absolutely friendly with everybody.  We thank for this wonderful dog to Maria DeJong from Iridescent Collies.

Casey is coowned by kennels  Iridescent Collies and  Leawrey.

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Exc ÝSTAExc 

Show Result Class Judge
Champion Montenegro
CACIB Danilovgrad (MNE) Exc 1, CAC, res CACIB open V. Zizakov (SRB)
CAC Niksic (MNE) Exc 1, CAC open V. Brajovic (SRB)
CACIB Praha Exc 2, res CAC open V. Fiala
Clubshow Chropyne Exc 2, res CAC intermediate T. Rohlin (DK)
CAC Klatovy Exc 1, CAC intermediate H. Bierwolf (A)
Regional Show Dobris Exc 1, Class Winner, Regional Winner intermediate M. Krinke
CACIB Praha Exc 3 Intermediate M. Krinke

Junior Champion CZ, Top Junior Dog 2008

CACIB Šempeter Exc 2, res CAC Junior Colm Hastings (IRL)
CACIB Vrtojba Exc 3 Junior T- Rohlin (DK)
CAC Brno Exc 1, CAJC Junior M. Krinke
CACIB České Budějovice Exc 2 Junior T. Havelka (SK)
CACIB Mladá Boleslav Exc 2 Junior K. Barbosov (R)
Regional Show Dobris Exc 1, Junior Class Winner Junior M. Krinke
CAC Mladá Boleslav (SK) Exc 1, CAJC Junior A. Kochan (PL)
CAC Penig (D) Exc 3 Junior J. Tait (GB)
Clubshow Chropyně Exc 1, CAJC Junior J. Němečková
CACIB Bratislava (SK) Exc 2 Junior G. Ridarčíková (SK)
CAC Bánská Bystrica (SK) Exc 2 Junior T. Gellén (HU)


CACIB Praha VP 1 Puppy MVDr. Vl. Fiala