We breed rough collies on type, temperament and health

We are a small hobby kennel with not long history but a great passion. 

Our collies live in our home above all as family companions and friends. They share all daily routines with us, starting with peeling potatoes for lunch and ending with field trips and some dog sports. Almost daily we go for walks in nature and enjoy each other´s company. Sometimes we go for training field to excercise on agility obstacles, sometimes we train obedience, sometimes tracking, herding and heelwork...we simply do anything that we like and that we feel like doing. 

Each our collie is a bit different, has other likes and dislikes but all of them are stil dogs with a great affection for people and willing to please, full of temperament and energy. When we feel like going for a trip, they are instantly ready to go. Do we want to stay at home? All the dogs are lying on the sofa in a minute and are getting ready to sleep all day. We would like to try some dog sports? Yes please master, choose a sport and let´s have some fun. And that´s exactly why we have collies, family clowns, spirited balls of fire, gentle bears and understanding souls. 

Our females have puppies from time to time. We are not having them have many litters, two or three in a lifetime is just enough. We are selecting their partners carefully so that they would form an ideal couple which will emphasize all the good qualities of both parents. Since you will spend twelve to fifteen years with your dog, the first thing we look at in a stud dog is his character and temperament. It is because we all want our dogs especially as our good friends who spend their life side by side with us. And with your friend you of course don´t wish to spend much time in the vet´s waiting room. Therefore we also make sure both parents have good health results and our puppies therefore the best health preconditions for future life. And last but not least we also appreciate the beauty of the collie as the breed and therefore we also want to keep the elegant appearance typical for this breed. That means that both parents also must have a type and looks of a beautiful collie. Our puppies are born and bred at home environment with strong attachment to humans so that they would be ready to join their new family as a great companion to all.

Both parents of our puppies are screened for CEA and other possible hereditary eye diseases as puppies. They are also HD screened and have genetic tests for MDR 1 and  recently also for DM. These health aspects we keep observing so that our puppies have the best health preconditions for their life with their new family. 

In case you are interested in learning more about our breeding  contact us, or better, come to have a cup of coffee. Nanu will lie down at your feet, Ferdy will fetch the nearest toy for you and our little Fox will kiss you on the nose. It is better to see once than being told a hundred times. So if you are considering a collie as your family friend, come and see what they are in reality.

You will be welcome.