JCH CZ, SK Firefly Ever After 

* 8.2.2011, sable


MDR 1 +/- 

BIS Puppy


Junior Champion Czech Republic and Slovak Republic



Best Junior, Best of Breed


Ferda is a granddaughter of our Kuli, ball of fire with devils in her eyes. She is impossibly happy, playful and always ready to fetch and bring you ahything that could even remotely remind of a toy. Whoever she meets must smile. In our family she inherited a title of "family clown" from her father Harley. Still she is very gentle and caring, loves people and can play very gently for hours. Well, in one word, she is a Ferdy :)





show class result judge
CAC Klatovy intermediate Exc 1, CAC Judit Papp (HU)
Czech Junior Champion
CACIB Brno intermediate Exc 1, CAC, CACIB Mgr. D. Fialová
Slovak Junior Champion
CACIB Nitra - Derby Winner (SK) Junior Exc 1, CAC-J I. Muszlai (HU)
CACIB Litoměřice Junior Exc 3 MVDr. V. Fiala
CACIB Nitra (SK) Junior Exc 1, CAC-J Judit Papp (HU)
CACIB Nitra (SK) Junior Exc 4 Daniel Harsányi (HU)
CACIB Brno Junior Exc 1, CAC-J Myriam Vermeire (BE)
CACIB Brno Junior Exc 1, CAC-J, Best Junior, BOB Mgr. Dana Fialová
CACIB Trenčín (SK) Junior Exc 1, CAC-J Mgr. Božena Ovesná (CZ)
CACIB Glogów (PL) Junior Exc 2 Mervin Casling (GB)
CAC Swiebodzice (PL) Junior Exc 1, CAC-J I. Gisterek (PL)
Clubshow Prague Puppy VP 1, BIS Puppy Piia Enlund (FI)
CACIB Prague  Puppy VP 1 Pävi Eerola (FI)
Regional show Rybníky Puppy VP 1 Tibor Havelka (SK)
CAC Mladá Boleslav Baby VP 1 Waldemar Mrowiec (PL)