CH Highlight of Ever After

* 1.4.2012

CEA/PRA/KAT neg in 7th week (ECVO)

MDR 1 +/+ , DM N/N, HD 0/0, ED 0/0

height 58 cm

Czech Junior Champion

Slovak Junior Champion



Multi BOB

Multi BIG 


Certified Therapy Dog (actively working)

Contact:  HERE


Timmi´s website on Collie Online

Timmi is a charmer with a fantastic loving character, always happy and gentle with everyone around him. He  loves to play fetch, he loves the puppies, he loves children, he is simply a bundle of joy dressed in black. He loves to do sports and together with his mistress he is preparing for obedience exams, dogdancing and agility tests and in his spare time he goes to work as a therapy dog for children and handicapped people.

He lives with his mother Bonnie and sister Harriet together with our friends in Prague.