Pure Black Magic Von Der Ischlerbahn

* 20.7. 2013

CEA DNA normal 

 CEA/PRA/KAT and all eye diseases clear at 3 years (ECVO)

MDR 1 +/+ (normal), DM N/N (normal), HD A, ED 0

height 58 cm

3x CAC, National Winner



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Magic in action - video

 Magic came to us from Austria as a new hope for our breeding especially because of his fantastic health genetic profile - he is genetically normal to all the usually tested hereditary diseases in collies. As an unexpected bonus we also got his absolutely fantastic character which is very rare to find in a male. "Mirry" as we sometimes call him, is instantly a friend with anyone he meets, not just people but even other males that we sometimes temporarily dogsit. Instead of being wary of competition he guides every "intruder" around the garden, shares his toys and company of his girls, and he even happily plays tag and tug of war...something I wouldn´t really expect from an adult male.   He also very much loves all puppies, even the smallest ones, which sometimes are literally using him as a sprinboard - and he not only tolerates their  cheeky behavior, but very often he happily participates in the game.

Apart from his character and health profile he also has a fantastic coat texture and color - his tan is extremely rich and pitch black color with a bluish hue in the sun and which never gets any rust, no matter what the season or what he eats - even the carrots he steals in the garden have no rusty effect on his ink black coat.

Magic is currently already proven stud dog which mates very quickly even problematic girls and whose puppies are starting to appear at their first shows successfully.

Big thanks belong to Joanne Kirisits for letting us have this kind hearted huggy bear.