Having a collie is having a four-footed joy...


Since childhood I had animals as companions in my life. As a small kid I gradually went through phases of parrakeets, hamsters and cats before I have succeeded in getting my long dreamed of - dog. 

My first, second and third dogs were mutts, crossbreeds. We had an "almost daschund", "almost cocker", "almost lab". All of tem were great and all of them were my friends. 

When my husband and me finally bought our own house, of course the next question to be solved was : what kind of dog. We have walked through shelters to find our future friend, but the fate meant different when we met a collie. Collie has instantly charmed us by its looks and character of ideal family companion - and the decision was made. It must be a collie. 

Since I had lots of experience from my childhood getting a non pedigree dog which always grew into something quite far of originally claimed breed, we decided not to take risk anymore and get a purebred pedigree dog. 

And so Kuli came in our lives, and with her the wonderful show life started and great breeders programs. Later on it was Nanu and we decided to start our own breeding program and kennel. The passion we got for this wonderful breed has never left us since and so we stay true to magnificent collies. 

In our kennel we strive to breed collies of attractive type, sound health and sparkling temperament. We want our puppies to stand at the side of their families as healthy, steady and calm family companions.

All our dogs live with us above as as family friends. Our puppies are born and grown inside the house so that they have the strongest bond with people as the greatest dog friends in the world. 

If you also chose this magnificent, proud and faithfully loving breed as your companion to stand by your side, then you also know that it is once a collie, forever collie. 

And if you are just thinking about getting a furry friend for yourself, try to check our  Puppies page. Maybe the look into the attentive and smiling almond eyes will also get you forever......