17.2.2017 No, we didn´t quit updating, just a bit lazy with it :) Many things have happened since last updates. We have new offspring, new studdogs and new female stars to carry on Ever After name. 

We have participated at many shows across Europe, and many times have achieved outstanding result! Last year we also experienced absolute bliss when our offspring Moonpromises Ever After has won his class at British National Championship show and a week later he was second in his class at Crufts - as the first ever Czech bred collie in the whole history of Czech and Slovak Collie breeding!

Waiting now eagerly for spring, new trips and new adventures!

As you see we have many news, for greater detail and more regular updates we encourage you to visit our Facebook site :) 

4.8.2015 Two shaded sable girls are waiting for their new homes. In case of interest please contact us.
22.7.2014 All our puppies have their loving families already. We wish them much happiness in their future life.

The summer has started and so we enjoy it as we can. The trips, walks are part of every weekend and since it is very hot weather all our collies have stripped in their summer suit and so we go to swim in the river.
We have also had a working trip to sheep to well known border collie breeder Heike Braun and were very much pleased by her more than positive evaluation of herding instinct of our collies and also invitation to another meeting.

At shows we are represented successfully our youngest Jeopardy Ever After, who has with her mistress and handler managed to achieve title of Junior Champion Slovak Republic and stands very close to achieving title of Junior Champion Czech Republic.

We also must mention our spring participation in prestigious Nationale Élevage du Colley where we were successfully represented by CH Firefly Ever After, CH Highlight of Ever After, Hand In Hand With Ever After, Good News Ever After and Glamorous Ever After.   All our collies have received a wonderful critique and result Excellent and also passed Character test TAN. Ferdy even passed with the highest possible score 100 points and judge´s remark that she is totally off scoring chart :)
We came back home full of wonderful experience and motivation to repeat this trip next year.

Some photos from this summer you can find in our Photogallery.

CH Firefly Ever After       Glamorous Ever After
12.6.2014 WE HAVE PUPPIES!

  In the middle of March 6 small babies were born. Proud mother Harriet has brought them to our country from distant North Wales. Their father is tricolor english dog Elshajo Armani Moon, wonderful dog of pitch black color with rich tan, strong bones and perfect head and body. He has a very happy character and in his pedigree he carries unique english bloodlines which we hope to include in our breeding.

  We have two shaded sable girls, two shaded sable boys and two tricolor boys.
Some puppies are waiting for their homes, where people search faithful friend and sweet look of two collie eyes.
If you are looking for a true friend, sports partner or show dog, don´t hesitate to contact us.
3.3.2014 We expect puppies in mid March 2014 in sable and shaded sable colors. They will be first puppies of our Zali. Father is a wonderful german dog whom I admire for his flawless body, beautiful head and great character.  We expect that the puppies will carry on the qualities of both parents, berfect bodies with long neck, beautiful sparkling expression, perfect ears and dense coat with rich colors. We also hope that the puppies will inherit the active temperament and perhaps herding instinct from their mother.  
Some puppies are already spoken for. In case you are interested in having a friend from these parents, please don´t hesitate to contact us.
5.1.2014 Welcome everybody in the new year 2014! To all our friends we wish lots of health, happiness and success!


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