CH, MultiJunior CH Easy Easy Ever After

20.10.2009 - 28.12.2011


28.12.2011 Very sad end of the year. Our Easy has died at car accident at the age of only 2 years. We will remember her as a beautiful, kind and smart collie, until we meet again at the Rainbow Bridge...
20.12.2011 Ryan is back!

After three and half years we got a Christmas gift that brought tears to my eyes. RYAN - ICH, MultiCH Prince Of Sunlight Quenchless Love, our first and unforgettable guest has returned! Althought he has travelled over half Europe in the meantime, he hasn´t changed. Still he is full of sparkling temperament, fetch-the-toy fool and impossibly cuddly marvellous Mr. Collie, that he was when he was leaving us. He immediately remembered czech language, us and his little red ball and even on the very first day you couldn´t tell that he ever left... 

Ryan has proven himself during his stay in our country not only as a show star, but above all as a outstanding stud dog, whose three czech offspring have already reached highest showtitles including International Champion of Beauty and Europa Junior Champion during the first three years of their showcarreer.. 

Many big thanks belong to Jozsef from kennel Prince of Sunlight for his trust in us! 

18.12.2011 All puppies already have their loving families. We wish them many happy years together!
7.12.2011 CAC Swiebodzice (PL) - Ferdy has for the first time entered the ring in Junior class and in hard competition of other two junior bitches she won title CAC-J! Thanks to judge Iwona Gisterek (PL) for thinking so highly about her!
28.11 2011 We have puppies! They are 5 weeks old and growing fast. There are 5 beautiful girls and 2 sturdy boys, all gold sable.

Some puppies are still waiting for the best owners, please contact us.


6.11.2011 CACIB Prague: Familiar Ever After VP2, Firefly Ever After VP1, CH Easy Easy Ever After excellent, CH Adieu Amour Ever After excellent

Clubshow Prague: Firefly Ever After VP1, BIS Puppy of the show, CH Easy Easy Ever After exc 1 CAC, Best bitch

Děkujeme rozhodčím Eerola Päivi a Piia Enlund (FI) za zadané tituly.

31.10.2011 Clubshow Prešov (SK) - CH Czech Made Ever After exc 1 CAC, Best dog, Clubwinner 2011!  Czech Made has met the requirements for title Club Champion Slovakia. Thanks to judge Marion Ten Cate (NL) for the great result and congratulations and greetings to his proud owners. During his showcarreer Czech Made has managed to win titles Junior Champion Slovakia, Champion Slovakia, Grand Champion Slovakia and Club Champion Slovakia! He also has won the title Clubwinner for the second time in his life, thanks to his amazing handler Lucia.

Luci, Jožo, Ceky, you are the best team :)

ceky_06.jpg (86248 bytes)

16.9.2011 We are expecting puppies! Our beautiful Eny will become mother at the end of October 2011. All the puppies will be sable. This dream combination promises not only unique very typey puppies but also great character and temperament.

It is possible to reserve a puppy from this very special litter.

29.8.2011 We have a very special guest! CH Celtic Silver Dream Du Closs Des Duchesses will be available for stud in our kennel until May 2012.

CACIB Mladá Boleslav: It was first time for "Jerry" Fusion Ever After to step into the ring. He was very responsible and showed himself beautifully and so he gained very nice judgment and first Very Promising 1 from judge Mr Fiala.
Big thanks to his mistress for representing our kennel.
25.7.2011 How we are doing in summer? We are fine and relaxed. Some excitement came to our household with Ferdy and her grandfather Kuli and aunt Nanu spend a lot of time teaching her everything a good dog knows: ripping shoes, swimming in river, retrieving sticks, kill the toys and also the dog martial arts. Which one? It is called DOG-FU of course - see photo below..
Some more photos of how we spend the summer you will find here: Puppy school

19.7.2011 Lucy and Bonnie have a great message for us! At CACIB Cetinje (MNE) Bonnie won the last CACIB needed for the title of Interchampion in high quality competition. That makes Bonnie our first homebred Interchampion!

Lucy and Bonnie, we are so very proud of you both! Congratulations!

17.7.2011 CAC Mladá Boleslav: Ferdy and Faith have had their first show experience. They both enjoyed it very much, especially so many hand around always ready to scratch them behind the ears, and so many great doggie friends!  Ferdy as always showed her sparkling temperament until late afternoon when collies came for judging and for her smiling cheeky face was awarded by the Polish judge Mr Mrowiec  title Very Promising 1 with remark "very beautiful bitch, very pleasant character"
Her brother Faith also fought hard and  has left the ring with a super judgment and evaluation Very Promising 1.
From Jablonec also another brother Fusion "JERRY" came to see us with his whole family and although he wasn´t showed here, he had as much fun from the show environment as the others and stayed with us till the afternoon.
Big thanks to his owners and owner of Faith for this pleasant afternoon.
Děkujeme jeho páníčkům i paničce Faitha za příjemně strávené odpoledne.

22.6.2011 Yes, I know, such a long time it is from the last update...apologies to everybody who impatiently peeked here every day and thanks to all who kept bugging me to update at last.

From the last time we updated we have so many news I don´t really know where to start. 

Our puppies have left for their new homes and I thank to their owners for all the e-mails informing us how they grow and the beautiful photos they keep sending. 

Spring show season has started above all for Eny and Easy, some shows for their brothers Esprit and Encore and one show has attended their grandma Kuli and mother Nanu, so that they wouldn´t grow out of practice. This season was more than successfull for us. Easy has managed to finish some Champion titles and also has taken 3x CACIB title during two months which has made a nice base for her Interchampion title in future. Eny has attended 7 shows out of which at six she took titles Exc 1, CAC and at some of them she has climbed for the highest titles of all. She has become Clubwinner Slovakia 2011, 2x BOB and 1x BIS and doing this she repeated the same incredible victory of her mother Nanu who also some years ago in tender age of 15 months became Clubwinner Slovakia, BOB and BIS. Well, what to say? I guess it runs in the family :) 

Their brothers Esprit and Encore didn´t stay far behind and  although they only attended two shows, Encore managed to take 2x CAC and Esprit res CAC and res CACIB. We met at some shows occasionally also "Debbie" Double Delight Ever After, her brother Dark Side of Ever After, Celebrity Ever After and Even Better Ever After - all also with very nice results. I am very grateful to their owners for this chance to see offspring from our kennel from time to time this way. 

And as I mentioned above, our grandma - time passes so quickly doesn´t it? - Kuli and Nanu proved their qualities also. Kuli in her 6,5 years managed to take Exc 1, CAC in champion class at the Clubshow in Řepeč (CZ) while Nanu has first time stepped in the ring in the honor class at the Clubshow Slovakia where she also was placed first. 

We are greatly honored by all these high titles because they were mostly awarded by judges specialists and successfull and experienced breeders of rough collies. Big thanks go to Mrs E. Balázsovits (HU, Nyitramenti), J. Papp (HU, Silver Dream), S. Wigglesworth (GB, Sandiacre)  a Mr G. Duffield (GB, Myriehewe), A. Kórosz (HU) and of course all the other judges for thinking of our collies so highly.

Easy with her agile owner Lucy are also very active not only in the show ring but also in sports. Apart from collecting showtitles Easy also managed to pass her first two exams - dogdancing and Test of Herding Instinct, and they are preparing for some more to follow.

And the last but not least: Harley has returned home. In several kennels he produced very promising offspring and I believe these will carry on not only his great looks but also his unique character of irresistible clown and cuddly teddybear. Once more I repeat how very much I am grateful to Stina from danish kennel A´Dior, who has shared his smile and perpetual good moods. Today his smile is shining in our home in the eyes of his small daughter, who also inherited his temperament. 


2.3.2011 The puppies are now 3 weeks old. They opened their eyes and ears and started to discover the whole new world. Also they started to have their first puppy games.
Discover more about them on their personal pages.
Some puppies are available.
8.2.2011 We have puppies!
Dina gave birth to four wonderful boys and one girl. All are doing great!
More info is coming soon.
Two baby boys are available.
31.1.2011 CACIB Glogów (PL)
Our young hope JCh Easy Easy Ever After starred at this show .
Under judgment of specialist judge Sandra Wigglesworth (kennel SANDIACRE) Easy received the top titles CAC, CACIB and finally BOB at very tender age of 15 months.
Congratulations to her owner and handler Lucia and wish them many such days in future.

7. 1. 2011 We expect puppies!
The puppies are expected beginning February, ready to go beginning of April 2011.
The parents are Harley and Dina.
21.10.2010 We welcome a new guest in our kennel : 

CH Especially For You De La Chapelle Aux Arbres "HARLEY"


16-18.10.2010 3x CACIB Bansko (BG): JCh Easy Easy Ever After "EASY" 3x CAJC and 3x BOB Junior and fulfilled requirements for Junior Champion Bulgaria. It is her already third Junior Champion title which gives her right to be called MultiJunior Champion. 

Congratulations to her mistress Lucka and thanks for a great presentation! 

9.10.2010 CACIB Mladá Boleslav: Clue From Graslic Hills "KULI"  in the open class CAC and Res CACIB and met the requirements for Champion Czech Republic. 

11-12.9.2010 2x CACIB Bucurest  (RO): Easy Easy Ever After "EASY" 2x CAJC, BOB Junior, BOB and BIG 4. Fulfilled the requirements for Junior Champion Romania.
4.9. 2010 Krajská výstava Rybníky:  Easy Easy Ever After "EASY"  V1, Vítěz třídy mladých.
28-29. 8. 2010 Duo CACIB Ohrid (MK)
With Kuli and Nanu we started for a far away trip in ancient town Ohrid in Macedonia and also we took with us very temperament Easy. Not only we enjoyed the trip very much and even could swim in the beautiful ohrid lake, but also we brought back some very precious titles.  

Clue From Graslic Hills "KULI" - res CAC and CAC and fulfilled requirements for Champion Macedonia

CH Nicolaysen´s Nanu Nana "NANU" - 2x CAC and 2x CACIB and fulfilled requirements for title Interchampion

Easy Easy Ever After "EASY" - 2x CAJC a 2x Junior BOB and fulfilled requirements for Junior Champion Macedonia 

30.7.2010 CH Blind Date Ever After has passed basic training test ZOP and also dogdancing tests in division Freestyle and Heelwork to Music has become the first czech collie with the title MASTER OF DOGDANCING 1. level.
Also she was together with her master Jirka placed first in fun agility contest in Heroltice.

CAC Mladá Boleslav - in male puppy class introduced himself Dark Side of Ever After with title VP1 and Entirely Ever After also in female puppy class received VP1 out of four bitches in the class.
Their proud mother and grandmother JCH Clue From Graslic Hills also appeared after a long time in the open class, and in competition of three bitches received Exc 1, CAC. Aim To Please Ever After in the open class got beautiful judgment and was placed Exc 3.

CACIB Cetinje a CAC Kotor (MNE) - MultiCH Nicolaysen´s Nanu Nana and her son CH Czech Made Ever After first day CAC, CACIB and CH Czech Made EA also BOB. Second day both received Exc 1, CAC by which they met requirements for Champion of Montenegro. Thank you, Liba, for handling them!

We congratulate to all the owners of our puppies and thank for a superb presentation!
6.6.2010 Clubshow Nitra (SK) - Esprit EA got beautiful judgment and placement VP2. Judge was Brian Hawkins (GB, Brilyn)
5.6.2010 CACIB Nitra (SK) - Czech Made EA received title Exc 1, CAC and fulfilled the requirements for title Champion Slovakia. Jozef and Ceky, congratulations :)
16.5.2010 Clubshow Penig (DE) - we went to see our favorite judge Jimmy Tait (GB, Abethorne). He also gave our youngsters excellent judgments with placements of Even Better EA as VP1 and her litter sister Easy Easy EA as VP 2.
15.5.2010 Clubshow Repec - the first goal of this show was to introduce our youngsters in the show world. Not only they behaved very well but also got beautiful results: Even Better EA received VP 1 and her sister Entirely EA VP 2 in female puppy class and their litterbrother Esprit EA also was placed as VP1. Also Celebrity EA was participating and in the open female class got final placement beautiful Exc 2, res CAC and CH Adieu Amour EA in the champion class Exc 1, CAC. Judge was Jean-Paul Kérihuel from France to whom we are grateful for the judgments and charmant atmosphere of the whole show.
2.5.2010 CAC Bánská Bystrica (SK)- Czech Made Ever After in the open class Exc 1, CAC.
24-25.4.2010 On this weekend probably the biggest event of the collie showworld was taking place in France - Nationale Elevage Exposition. This year we at last could accept the invitation of our friends and also participate. Our goal was very modest - compare czech colies to elite in France and receive judgment Excellent. As usual there was an enormous number of collies - total of 330 collies. For the very first time also czech collies showed up and their results were excellent.   CH Adieu Amour Ever After was placed Exc 4 in the champion class and  Easy Easy Ever After was shown first time in the puppyclass with evaluation as Very Promising. Ryan´s son CH Geronimo Leawrey was also appreciated and in the champion class received placement Excellent 5.

CH Adieu Amour Ever After  and Ch Geronimo Leawrey also passed Character test of the French kennel club with the best results and final grade "Excellent -  TAN A".

The atmosphere of the show was fantastic, we at last could meet in person many "e-mailing" friends. We are very thankful to all our french friends for the invitation, great atmosphere and friendly hospitality.

10.4.2010 CAC Ostrava - CH Blind Date Ever After Exc 1, CAC, National Winner (Best Bitch). For the first time was introduced in the show world also P Easy Easy Ever After who got lovely judgment in the Puppy class and in the competition of three puppies was placed Very Promising 1.
4.4.2010 CACIB Miskolc (HU) - CH Blind Date Ever After in champion Class Exc 1,  CAC, CH Adieu Amour Ever After in open class Exc 2, res CAC.
28.3.2010 CACIB Katowice /PL) - CH Blind Date Ever After in champion class Exc 2, res CAC.
10. 3. 2010 CACIB Graz (AU) - CH Blind Date Ever After again took the highest prize CAC, CACIB.  Lucy, congratulations :)
22. 2. 2010 2x CACIB Sofia - CH Blind Date Ever After both days reached for the highest titles CAC, CACIB, BOB and second day 4. BIG which makes her Champion and Grandchampion Bulgaria and Balkan Champion. 
6.2.2009 CACIB Brno - Blond Cheyenne Ever After Exc 1, CAC.

Puppies have gone to their new homes and according to the messages they have adapted to their new lives very quickly. We wish them and their masters happy life and all our friends happy new year 2010. 

3.11.2009 The puppies are two weeks old and have opened their eyes. They are starting new discoveries and things to bite, like their own paws and brother´s ears. They are also trying to discover things outside their birthplace. Both mamas are very busy to keep watch over them and especially keep them at home. Judging from improving the efforts to escape from mother´s careful watch it will not be long till they start to explore the world beyond the borders of their birthplace.  

From each litter we have a sable boy available.

ecka_01.jpg (24153 bytes) ecka_03.jpg (76234 bytes) ecka_04.jpg (23529 bytes) ecka_07.jpg (84781 bytes)

20.10.2009 We have puppies - litters "D" a "E".  

Coldplay Des Beldones "CHRIS" left our kennel. During the short stay with us he received title Clubwinner 2009 at clubshow in Repec, title Champion Romania and met the requirements for Interchampion title. Last weekend he also met requirements for title Hungária Champion. 

We wish him a good journey home and once again thanks to Odile for letting us have him.

20.9.2009 2x CACIB Bukurešť (RO)-  Coldplay Des Beldones "CHRIS" took 2xCACIB, BOB in the open class and met the requirements for Interchampion title and also got title of Romania Champion.  

CH Belle Etoile D´Or De Cabrenysset "ETI" took  2xCACIB in the champion class and met the requirements for title Romania Champion and Grandchampion. 

30.8.2009 MVP Mladá Boleslav - Aim To Please Ever After "ATHOS" took titles CAC, CACIB in the big competition of the open class.  Iridescent Designed For Solreven "CASEY" V2, res CAC also in the open class.

Regional Dogshow Dobris - CASEY took titles Classwinner, Regional Winner.

5.8.2009 CAC Zakopane (PL) - Blind Date Ever After "BONNIE" CAC, Best Bitch and BOB
7.7.2009 Czech Made Ever After  "ČEKY" has returned to Slovakia. During the three months stay in our country he has turned  in the showdog-professional thanks to Lucy and Bonnie. His spring show season he concluded with meeting the requirements for Slovak Junior Champion and the second day he took the titles CAC and Slovak Clubwinner 2009. 

25.5.2009 In the mid May we traditionally took part at the Clubshow in Repec. Cute Kid EA "CORIN" received Exc 2 and Czech Made EA "ČEKY" Exc 4 in junior dogs class. At Last EA "ATIM" in huge competition of the open dog class got Exc 3 and Coldplay Des Beldones "CHRIS" absolutely unexpectedly in the open class dogs got CAC and on top of that also CLUBWINNER 2009. 

Well, we didn´t expect at the moment that our girls have decided to beat the boys. Female classes have become the parade of our offspring. Blind Date EA "BONNIE" got her CACJ title out of 9 junior bitches and so has finished her Czech Junior Champion title. Her sister Blond Cheyenne EA "CHEYENNE"  got CAC in the intermediate class and also finished her Czech Junior Champion title.  Adieu Amour EA "DINA" which only takes part in shows very rarely, climbed to the highest titles of CAC in the open class and also CLUBWINNER 2009.  Nanu in the champion class received CAC by which she met requirements for a Club Champion. 

The frosting on the cake was later Corin and Cheyenne winning the best couple of dogs and EVER AFTER COLLIES as the best breeders group of the show. 

At this show Casey and Atim have entered the breed and together with Athos they are available at stud.

atim.jpg (49579 bytes) atim_01.jpg (48892 bytes) corin.jpg (51692 bytes) dina.jpg (113405 bytes) cheyenne.jpg (27855 bytes) chris.jpg (27015 bytes) chris_01.jpg (22813 bytes) 

chris_02.jpg (32469 bytes) kv_09.jpg (26004 bytes) nanu_01.jpg (105551 bytes) pary.jpg (150061 bytes) skupina.jpg (63148 bytes)

The next day our hyperactive Lucia with Bonnie took us to Poland where in Jelenia Góra we met "ATHOS" Aim To Please Ever After. Athos has developed in a strong male but his mistress and himself are too active to like the showring. That´s why they "only" got an excellent judgment in the open class and placement Exc 3. Bonnie and Nanu both received CAC. 

Since Nanu has decided to get rid of the coat in summer, we have started our sportstraining again. Twice a week we run at the agility training - well - while Nanu flies like a jet, I am hopelessly behind. The sentence "the dog OK, the mistress goes again" starts to sound very stereotypically at our trainings. 

We thank very much to all the owners of our puppies for the great presentation and the care they give to our darlings. I am very happy to see how perfectly you all fit to each other - no matter whether you are doing active sports or just walks in the nature. 

For the showtitles we thank to the judges I. Muszlai, HU (kennel Double Scotch), E. Balázsovitz, HU (kennel Nyitramenti) and J. Niciewitz (PL)

3.5.2009 In april we all went to the family trip to hungarian Szilvasvárad. We had pleasant memories of this place from two years ago and the prestigious English judges Jean and John Catliff  (kennel Mallicot) were announced. While our men have enjoyed themselves in the local thermal spa, we, crazy about shows were spending the beautiful days in the showrings of CACIB and Clubshow. The weather and good luck were with us. Nanu got 2x CAC, "ČEKY" Czech Made EA  2x Exc 2 and also quite "naked" "BONNIE" Blind Date EA Exc 3 and Exc. Eti was in very crowded open class once Exc 4 and once Excellent. 

Nanu has fulfilled the requirements for Hungarian Champion title at this show. 

szilvaszvarad.jpg (29614 bytes) 

In the beginning of May Bonnie has finally shed her bad luck and at the CACIB show in Prague she got CACJ from 9 very nice junior bitches. Her sister "CHEYENNE" Blond Cheyenne EA in the intermediate clas got even  CAC and CACIB. The judge seemed to like Ryan´s children because he chose amongst many junior dogs again Ryan´s son  Glenmore Leawrey and CACIB and finally BOB he awarded again to Ryan´s son Fill Kralovsky Dar. 

bonnie.jpg (22796 bytes)

The very next day Bonnie with her tireless mistress Lucia continued at the CAC show in Banska Bystrica (Slovakia) where Bonnie and Ceky took another CACJ. Bonnie has met the requirements needed for title Slovak Junior Champion. 

We thank for the showtitles to judges  M. Krinke, Jean a John Catliff (GB, kennel Mallicot) and Joanna Adamowska (PL)

25.5.2009 V polovině května jsme již tradičně vyrazili na klubovou výstavu v Řepči u Tábora. Cute Kid EA "CORIN" získal V2 a Czech Made EA "ČEKY" V4 ve třídě mladých psů. At Last EA "ATIM" pak  v obrovské konkurenci třídy otevřené V3 a Coldplay Des Beldones "CHRIS" absolutně neočekávaně CAC a ještě navíc titul KLUBOVÝ VÍTĚZ 2009. To jme ale ještě netušili že děvčata se zřejmě rozhodla kluky překonat. Třídy fen staly přehlídkou našich odchovů - Blind Date EA "BONNIE" získala další titul CAJC z 9 nastoupených mladých fen a splnila tím podmínky pro udělení titulu Český junior šampión. Její sestra Blond Cheyenne EA "CHEYENNE"  CAC v mezitřídě a také splnila podmínky pro udělení titulu Český junior šampión, Adieu Amour EA "DINA" která se výstav účastní jen velmi sporadicky dosáhla na tituly nejvyšší a odvezla si pohárek za CAC a KLUBOVOU VÍTĚZKU 2009 a Nanynka získala ve třídě vítězů CAC čímž splnila podmínky pro udělení titul Klubový šampión. Třešničkou na dortu se stalo vítězství Corina a Cheyenne v boji o titul nejkrásnějšího páru psů výstavy a EVER AFTER se nakonec stala i nejlepší chovatelskou skupinou výstavy. 

 Další den nás akční Lucka s Bonnie vytáhly do Polska, kde jsme se v Jelenie Góře setkali opět po delší době s "ATHOSEM" Aim To Please Ever After. Z Athose vyrostl chlap jako hora ale Athosek i panička jsou příliš akční na to aby nalezli zálibu ve výstavním klidu a proto si odvezli ze třídy otevřené sice skvělý posudek ale umístění V3. Bonnie a Nanynka si odvezly po titulu CAC.

Jelikož Nanynka na léto odložila kožíšek, začali jsme se místo výstav věnovat aktivněji sportu. Dvakrát týdně se proháníme po agiliťáckém parkuru - tedy - zatímco Nanynka letí jako střela já beznadějně zaostávám za ní. Hláška "pes dobrý, panička znovu" se začíná stávat nudným stereotypem našeho tréninku.

Všem majitelům našich odchovů děkujeme za výbornou prezentaci a péči kterou našim mazlíkům věnují. Mám velkou radost jak skvěle jste si všichni "sedli" ať už se věnujete aktivnímu sportu či "gaučingu" a procházkám. 

Za zadané tituly děkujeme rozhodčím I. Muszlai, HU (ch.s. Double Scotch), E. Balázsovitz, HU (ch.s. Nyitramenti) a J. Niciewitz (PL)

3.5.2009 V dubnu jsme si udělali rodinný výlet do maďarského Szilvasváradu. Vytáhly nás tam nejen příjemné vzpomínky na Szilvasvárad před dvěma roky ale také ohlášení angličtí rozhodčí Jean a John Catliff  (ch. s. Mallicot) Zatímco naši chlapi si užívali tamějších termálních lázní, my výstavní blázni jsme strávili krásné dva dny na mezinárodní a klubové výstavě. Počasí i štěstí nám přálo, Nanynka získala 2x CAC, "ČEKY" Czech Made EA  2x V2 a stále ještě téměř neslušně bezchlupá "BONNIE" Blind Date EA V3 a V. Etinka byla v nabité třídě otevřené jednou V4 a jednou V. Nanynka tímto splnila podmínky pro udělení titulu Maďarský šampion krásy.

Na začátku května Bonnie konečně prolomila svou smůlu na mezinárodní výstavě v Praze. Z devíti nastoupených fen získala titul CAJC a její sestra "CHEYENNE" Blond Cheyenne EA v mezitřídě dokonce CAC a CACIB. Panu rozhodčímu zřejmě padly do oka Ryanovy děti jelikož v mladých psech vybral opět z obrovské konkurence Ryanova syna Glenmore Leawrey a CACIB a nakonec i BOB získal opět Ryanův syn Fill Královský dar.

Hned druhý den se Bonnie se svou akční paničkou objevily na národní výstavě v Banské Bystrici odkud si Bonnie i Čeky odvezli další CAJC. Bonnie tímto splnila podmínky pro udělení titulu Slovenský junior šampion.

Za zadané tituly děkujeme rozhodčím M. Krinke, Jean a John Catliff (GB, ch.s. Mallicot) a Joanna Adamowska (PL)

31.3.2009 "CHRIS" has made himself at home very smoothly. Nanu has taught him gardening and pruning roses, Kuli has taught him to beg for his master´s lunch. 

Nanu has returned in the showring. She participated at Clubshow in Graz, Austria,  CAC show in Nitra, Slovakia and Bekecsaba, Hungary and has brought home CAC title from everywhere. She has fulfilled requirements for Slovak Champion. 

nanu_07.jpg (348006 bytes) nanu_03.jpg (439947 bytes)

Our puppies are also quite active: Blond Cheyenne EA "CHEYENNE" has won at austrian clubshow in Graz the highest titles CAC, Clubwinner and has conquered her own father "RYAN" Prince of Sunlight Quenchless Love winning also the title BOB.

cheyenne_06.jpg (213577 bytes) cheyenne_07.jpg (231015 bytes) cheyenne_ryan_01.jpg (231015 bytes)

Her sister "BONNIE" Blind Date EA is growing her coat slowly and trains hard for her first agility competition and obedience tests. 

Nanu´s son "Chucky" Czech Made EA has lost a little weight the effect of which was that at CAC show in Nitra, Slovakia he won CAJC title in the competition of five very nice junior dogs and in the final competitions he was chosen amongst the top five junior dogs of all breeds. 

ceky_03.jpg (178458 bytes) ceky_04.jpg (201653 bytes) ceky_05.jpg (213357 bytes)

We have added more photos to Photogalleries of all litters

Congratulations to all for starting the new year so successfully and we wish them all much good luck also for future.

24. 2. 2009 Brief news again:

From France we have a very welcome guest for limited time. COLDPLAY DES BELDONES "CHRIS"  will spend spring 2009 with us before he returns home again. 

JCH Iridescent Designed For Solreven became TOP JUNIOR DOG during year 2008.

casey_body.JPG (616835 bytes)

Blind Date EA "BONNIE" has lost her coat and passed the shows on to her sister  Blond Cheyenne EA "CHEYENNE" which has started her showcarreer by winning CAJC titles at  CAC Olomouc and CACIB Brno. Simultaneously she qualified for CRUFTˇS 2010.

We added a new article "When a Dog Falls In Love" which was written long time ago but never published.

26.10.2008 Long long time since we´ve updated this web. Lots of work and less time, that´s how it works...

However, there are many news, so here are the most important ones:

In Collie of the year competition our Nanu became the Top Collie of the 2007.

Casey  ended up his junior class at shows by receviving the third title of CAC-J and so he became a Junior Champion of Czech Republic.

casey_body.JPG (616835 bytes)

Ryan has returned to his home in Hungary, also as a Czech Champion and fullfilled requirements for his Interchampion title.

ryan_ch.JPG (399565 bytes) ryan.jpg (188232 bytes)

His daughter Blind Date Ever After "BONNIE" has become in a great competition of 14 junior bitches from all around the Europe an Europe Junior Winner and on top of that also Junior Best of Breed with CRUFTS qualification. On the national show in Brno that followed she also received a CAC-J title. 


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Her mother Kuli received the day before at hungarian club show in equally huge competition  CAC in the open class, and at the end of August at Czech club show she became second best brood bitch in Czech Republic. 

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For all the victories we give our thanks to judges M. Krinke (CZ), T. Havelka (SK), E. Balázsovicz, (Nyitramenti. HU)  P. Harsányi (Köakói, HU), J. Geddes (Ingledene, GB).

Thanks to all that support us for their help and friendship.