5.8.2013 We have puppies!

The puppies were born at the end of July  in colors sable and dark sable.

They are first babies from our Ferdy and last babies from Nanu.

In case you are looking for a furry friend please contact us here.

13.11.2012 What´s new?  I gradually give up,  no time to update and all here is therefore a bit old...well, rather old. 

What´s new then? 

Too quickly the summer changed into fall. 

Celtic has returned home to Hungary. However, he left with us a couple of very promising offspring who can carry his qualities in our future breeding. Big thanks belong to his owner, Mrs Judit Papp from Silver Dream kennel for letting him stay with us. 

The puppies have left for their new homes having a great life. We are grateful to their owners for the superb care they are taking for them and for photos they are sending. We are very happy that our babies have found exactly you! Š

Shows? Where should I start? So much to say... 

 Ferdy has added some more CAC titles to her collection and became a National Winner in show in Mladá Boleslav. Our Clubshow is also worth mentioning. We met there with some of our offspring, in fact so many that we couldn´t resist to show a breeder´s group.  From the very start: our babies Harriet and Highlight got Very Promising 1 in their class and on top of that also BIS Puppy and Res BIS Puppy. Next was Familiar Ever After in the intermediate class Exc 4, Fusion Ever After Exc 3  and Encora at Ever After Exc 1 CAC in the open class.  Goldilocks Ever After  was Exc 2  in huge junior class, Ferdy again Exc 1 CAC in the open class, Nanu Exc 1 and Honor Class Winner and res BIS Honor Class .... and the frosting on the cake was that our breeder´s group was 2nd out of five competing groups, right after smooth collies who were first. In fact our group was the best rough collies breeder´s group in show. Could we have wished for more? Hardly :) 

Let´s turn the page: Zali gave us a pleasant surprise when she easily passed the Herding Instincts tests and also Ferdy surprised us by passing equally easily the test for canisterapeutic dog. This was a new experience not only for Ferdy and Zali, but especially for me...um, I promise next time to read at least the rules so that the people don´t have to tell me what to do :) 

Otherwise our life passes as always. We enjoy the warmer weather at walks and when it is not so nice outside, we are spending evenings at the fireplace. From time to time we do go for a show, but mostly we are enjoying now pre-Christmas season. 

The time flies impossibly quickly...

Gradually we will add new dogs from our breeding that are approved for stud and alwo photos, but since we prefer spending time in a different way than staring on computer screen, don´t be surprised if it takes a while :)


8.7.2012 We have puppies!

Four sable boys and one girl were born! So far they are only interested in mother´s milk but soon they will open their eyes and explore the world. If you are interested in having a new furry friend in the mid august, don´t hesitate to  contact us.


30.6.2012 CACIB Brno: Firefly Ever After first time in the intermediate class won titles CAC and CACIB, and fulfilled the requirements for title Czech Junior Champion and also started her way towards the title of Interchampion.

CAC Klatovy: Firefly Ever After again in intermediate class won title CAC and started her way towards title Czech Champion.

In tender age of 16 months our Ferdy managed to fulfill requirements for titles Junior Champion Czech and Slovak Republic and also win titles CAC and CACIB. Big thanks belong to all the judges who thought so highly of her. 






Expecting puppies!

H_puppies.jpg (144837 bytes)

Our long planned dream combination has come true at last. In the beginning of April we are expecting puppies in color darksable and tricolor from our ICH, EJW Blind Date Ever After and charismatic dog from Belgium CH Scottlyme Drum Major.

Both parents have not only amazing collection of show titles but also above all fantastic and outgoing temperaments and sport successes. The father Major as an Obedience certificate and Sociability test while mother Bonnie is the only collie in Czech Republic holding the title of Master of Dogdancing. In their spare time she and her mistress also train obedience, agility and tracing.

You can reserve a puppy from this litter.



Results of TOP Collie 2011 are a pleasant surprise for us:

Ferda.jpg (73054 bytes)Firefly Ever After TOP PUPPY 2011

easy_21.jpg (153186 bytes)CH Easy Easy Ever After TOP Bitch 2011 in Czech Collie Club and also TOP COLLIE in Slovak Collie Club . Bohužel Easy unfortunately hasn´t lived to share our joy. Sadly she has passed away in tragic car accident in December 2011...

138.JPG (595356 bytes)Entirely Ever After had mother´s duties most of the year but still she has reached beautiful placement as 5. TOP Bitch 2011.

Ever After Collies have become 2. TOP KENNEL 2011!

For these fantastic results we thank above all the owners of our puppies, who spoil tem rotten :) Thank you all for your support and cooperation and also for all your beautifully crazy ideas :) I am so very happy to have you all!

We cannot forget amazing mother, grandma and great grandma of our collies:

CH Old Golden Gates Perfecta   TOP Veteran 2011.  Congratulations to her owner Zuzana!

Also we cannot forget sons of our Ryan and send their owners congratulations:

CH Fill Královský dar - TOP DOG 2011

ICH Geronimo Leawrey - 2.TOP DOG 2011


6.2.2012 Time is flying, second month of the new year started and we have lots of news. 

All puppies from "G" litter are in new homes now and I thank to all their masters for the news and photos they are sending.

Ferda has started her showcarreer with splendid results and here is a survey: 

MVP Brno: Fusion Ever After Junior class Exc 1, CAC-J, Best Junior

MVP Glogów (PL): Firefly Ever After Exc 2, Faith In Ever After Exc 2

MVP Trenčín (SK): Firefly Ever After Exc1 CAC-J and CH Adieu Amour Ever After Exc 2 res CAC

MVP Brno: Firefly Ever After Exc 1 CAC-J, Best Junior, BOB and her mother CH Adieu Amour Ever After Exc 1 CAC, CACIB

MVP Brno: Firefly Ever After Exc 1 CAC-J. Best Junior and BOB were taken by son of our CH Czech Made Ever After. Congratulations to his owner and breeder Martina!

Faith In Ever After Exc 2

Biggest thanks for all the titles to the judges: Mr. Matějek (CZ), Mr. Mervyn Caisiling (GB), Mrs Ovesná (CZ), Mrs. Fialová (CZ) and Myriam Vermeire (BE)



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