JCh Pixel Puzzle Ever After

* 22.5.2015

CEA DNA carrier

CEA and all eye diseases clear at 7 weeks (ECVO)

MDR 1 +/+ (normal),  DM N/DM (carrier), HD A, ED 0

height 58 cm

3x CAJC - Junior Champion Czech Republic

3x BOJ, 3x BOB

1. Best in Show Junior

Reserve Best in Show

1. Best  In Group



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More photos below or in his  PHOTOGALLERY 



 Pixel  represents fourth generation of Ever After collies. He is absolutely amazing, always happy temperament which is on the move all the time. He spends his time jumping, skipping, fetching, cuddling and begging for food...he is such a fireball, just like his mother Fox. Apart from his temperament he is very strong well grown male with very sweet, yet strong male head.