JCH, MultiCH, InterCH, GrandCH 

Nicolaysen´s Nanu Nana

* 4.1.2006, sable


HD 0/1

MDR 1 -/- 

Junior Champion Czech and Slovak Republic  Champion CZ, SK, HU, MK, MNE


Grand Champion CZ

 Club Champion

Clubwinner, Special Show Winner

National Winner

 2x BOB, BIS

Top Puppy 2006

 Top Bitch 2007



Nanu is our darling, gentle pet and tireless in retrieving anything that is possible to throw or at least roll on the ground. She loves wild runs in the fields just like evening siesta on a couch next to us. Her even-tempered and friendly character sparks with unbeatable optimism and steady enjoyment of life which she passes to anybody around. With total happiness and excitement she meets any news, no matter what it is - if an agility tunnel or a beam, if a noisy show hall. So far we haven´t found anything that could make her nervous.

In her showcarreer she has been incredibly successfull all her life. During the first couple of years she has taken all the possible showtitles that a dog can take and she finished her showcarreer by fulfilling the requirements for Interchampion. In the meantime she managed to give birth to two wonderful litters. Nowadays she enjoys life of home and sports dog and in her beloved shows she sometimes takes part "only" in honor class.

For this wonderful collie we thank Anja Nicolaysen from Nicolaysen´s Collies










Fulfilled requirements for title Interchampion
CACIB Ohrid (MK) Exc 1, CAC, CACIB champion G. Stibel (MK)
CACIB Ohrid (MK) Exc 1, CAC, CACIB champion V. Žižakov (SRB
CACIB Kotor (MNE) Exc 1, CAC, CACIB champion V. Zoltán
CAC Cetinje (MNE) Exc 1, CAC champion V. Brajovič
CAC Jelenia Góra (PL) Exc 1 CAC Winner J. Niciewicz (PL)
Club Champion
Klubová výstava Řepeč Exc 1 CAC Winner I. Muszlai (HU)
CACIB Praha Exc 1, CAC champion M. Krinke
CACIB České Budějovice Exc 1 CAC, res CACIB champion M. Dostál
CACIB Wieselburg (A) Exc 1 CAC, res CACIB champion R. Sachslehner (A)
Champion Hungary
Clubshow Szilvasvárad (HU) Exc 1, CAC Winner Jean Catliff (GB)
CACIB Szilvasvárad (HU) Exc 1, CAC champion John Catliff (GB)
CAC Bekécsaba (HU) Exc 1, CAC champion A. Polgár (HU)
Champion Slovak Republic
CAC Nitra (SK) Exc 1, CAC champion A. Kováčová (SK)
CACIB Graz (AU) Exc 2, res. CAC champion M. Urosevic (SRB)
Klubová výstava Graz (AU) Exc 1, CAC champion I. Muszlai (HU)
Top Collie 2007 (Competition Collie of the Year)
Champion Czech Republic
CACIB Olomouc Exc 1, CAC Winner J. Matejek
Special Collie Show Prague Exc 1, CAC Winner Mgr. D. Fialová
Club Show Stockerau (AU) Exc 3 Open M. Forte (IRL)
CAC Mlada Boleslav V1, CAC, National Winner Winner P. Szemraj (PL)
Regional show Cernosice Exc 1, Class Winner, Regional Winner Open T. Havelka (SK)
CACIB Brno Exc1 CAC, res. CACIB Intermediate Mgr. D. Fialová
Special Show Trencin (SK) Exc1, CAC, Spec. Show Winner, BOB, BIS Intermediate MVDr. A. Kovacová (SK)
Club Show Trencin (SK) Exc 1, CAC, Club Winner Intermediate N. Nekrosiené (LAT)
EuroDog Show Zagreb (CR) Exc 3 Intermediate S. Shevchenko (UKR)
Junior Champion Slovak Republic
CACIB Nitra (SK) Exc 1, CAJC Young L. Ubrova
CAC Senec (SK) Exc 1, CAJC Young B. Ovesna
CACIB Litomerice Exc 2, res. CAC Intermediate T. Havelka (SK)
CACIB Bratislava (SK) Exc 1, CAC, CACIB, BOB Intermediate B. Szabó (HU)
Club Show Repec Exc 1, CAC Intermediate S. Clark (GB)
CACIB Prague Exc 1, CAC Intermediate Mgr. D. Fialova
CACIB Szilvasvarad (HU) Exc 1, CAC, res. CACIB Intermediate P. Wilkinson (GB)
Junior Champion Czech Republic
CACIB Brno Exc 1, CAJC Young MVDr. Fiala
CACIB Trencin (SK) Exc 1, CAJC Young T. Havelka (SK)
Best Puppy  2006, 4th Top Young Bitch  2006 (Competition Collie of the Year)
CACIB Prague Exc 1, CAJC Young MVDr. Fiala
World Dog Show Poznan (PL) Exc Young A. Zhuk (BY)
CACIB Nitra (SK) Exc 2 Young MVDr. A. Kovacova (SK)
CACIB Ceské Budejovice EXC 1, CAJC Young Mgr. D. Fialová
Club collie show Prague very promising 1 Junior (6-9) N. Nekrosiené (LAT)
Special collie show Prague very promising 1 Junior (6-9) D. Korna (EST)
Regional show Cernosice very promising 1, BIS Junior Junior (6-9) M. Redlicki (PL)