CH Goldilocks Ever After 

* 24.10.2011, sable

CEA/PRA/KAT clear at 7 weeks (ECVO)

MDR 1 +/- 





Zali or as we call her at home "our Fox" doesn´t have this nickname without reason. Such a clever one, with mischief in her eyes but still can earn everybody´s trust by her cuddly character and very trusting look.  The one who knows her better also knows that our dearest Fox is full of mischief and she doesn´t hesitate to make it real. With her sweet eyes she easily banishes master´s anger and he readily forgives such petty things like when he finds our Fox sitting on the mountain of the torn toilet paper or covered all black with shoe polish. And Zali is sitting in the middle of that disaster and with her sweet look she tries to persuade you that the shoe polish started and she had to defend herself. She is simply our clever fox who can get away with anything. 

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Show Class Result Judge
DUO CACIB Nitra Junior Exc 2 E. Haapaniemi (FI)
DUO CACIB Nitra Junior Exc 2 J. Kórosz-Papp (HU)
Klubová výstava Mladá Boleslav Junior Exc 2 Mgr. D. Fialová
CACIB Nitra Puppy VP 1 I. Muszlai (HU)
Spezial Rassehunde Ausstellung Magdeburg (D) Puppy VP 1 Jimmy Tait (GB)
CACIB Litoměřice Puppy VP 1 MVDr. Vl. Fiala
KV Mladá Boleslav Puppy VP 1 O. Dolejšová